Fluidampr Engine Damper 2.0TSI Kit (Audi S3 2015+ 2.0T)

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— Decreased engine vibration. No more flywheels, crank trigger wheels, or timing gears falling off of the crankshaft. This is unavoidable when revving past 8000rpm without an engine damper.

— Decreased “Clutch/Gear Box Chatter” which is caused by lightweight single mass flywheels.

— Reduction in rpm drops when shifting in a competitive environment.

— Gains of 9-20whp and 10-25ft/lbs. torque depending on your current setup.

— An overall more efficient and reliable engine.

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The Fluidampr replaces your crank pulley to control the harmonics through all RPM ranges of your engine. The precision machined and balanced internal inertia ring inside the precision machined and balanced housing is constantly shearing through the silicone while the engine is turning, tuning to the harmonic frequency bandwidths that your engine is producing real time. Rubber (elastomeric) dampers are only tuned for a specific narrow bandwidth of harmonics and they cannot tune up or down to what your engine is producing. They also wear out and have to be rebuilt or re-tuned frequently. Our Fluidampr products never wear out or have to be re-tuned, as they are constantly balancing the engine to max efficiency via the internal inertia ring. Fluidampr also helps to calm down the chatter associated with double disc clutches.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in


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